Website Maintenance Contracts

Many websites, especially larger, more commercial ones, will often be an important part of an organisations operations. As organisations grow, their websites and web services will often need to expand too. We offer a comprehensive set of  maintenance arrangement covering all type of website. These range from a few hours a year to a full time weekly support. Your site may simply needs an annual or biannual update for security reasons. Other clients will have a weekly arrangement covering staff support, regular updates as well as further development to meet the needs of the organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting your site noticed and favoured by search engines. Contrary to what many people we tell you it is not a dark art. There are many straightforward things both we and you can do to improve the performance of your site. All our sites are built to be search engine friendly which is the best start you can have online. There are though many more things that can be done to improve your sites performance online.

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Website Hosting

Knowing what hosting to go for can be a confusing decision to make. Seemingly endless features are meant to make the price seem reasonable when in fact the majority of these will be the default for most hosting companies – regardless of price. We like to make things alot simpler and simply offer you the hosting and email you will need based on your website. If you would like to know the details then we can give you the exact specification beforehand to help you chose.

Personal/ Business Email Setup & Support

We have a number of options to set up your email to work across all your office and mobile devices – including home & business computers, tablet computers and smart phones

Domain Name Recovery

Lost control of your website’s domain name ( We have an investigation and recovery service which can recover a domain name in 90% of cases where you are the provable owner

Emergency Website Support

If you already have a website that is in need of some immediate attention then we can help.

IT Support

Dial a Geek Websites is a division of DialaGeek Ltd which specialises in personal and business IT support in the Bristol area. If that is what you are looking for them please visit our parent website here >>