What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. It is a catch-all phrase for a wide range of practices designed to get websites to appear at the top of a search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc).  There are numerous aspects to SEO but each techniques, when taken by itself, is fairly easy to understand.

To help understand what is involved it’s useful to think of there being two broad aspects:

  • On Site: This is what can be done on your website to get noticed by the wider web. It covers the basics such as having a well structured website. Most importantly, though, it’s about having the right content and keywords to describe what you do, where you do it and who you want to appeal to. You should bear in mind also that people often don’t quite know what they are looking for – or use different terminology to you – so it’s advisable to research and diversify your content to include terms that you wouldn’t necessarily use.
  • Off Site: This is what you can do in other places aside from your website. Some options are to get other websites linking to yours to channel traffic to you. Also using social medial such as Facebook and Twitter to create a buzz about your site. An more simple things like ensuring you have a good profile on any relevant Trade Directories.

We offer a series of SEO services

These can be selected depending on the individual needs of the project. They include:

  • Initial consultation on options
  • Review of your website to help with Search Engine indexing
  • Competitor research report
  • Researched keyword revamp of your page titles and content
  • Listings on trade directories
  • Set up and integration of a range of Google services including Google My Business, Google Plus and Google Analytics.
  • Website copy – essential to onsite search optimisation
  • Google Analytics goal tracking – set up on site goals to show how your website is performing
  • Google Adwords campaign setup – kick started with £75 for free
  • On going SEO maintenance including Adwords and Analytics – we study your statistics weekly for three months to fine tune your website and Adwords campaigns.