We have tried to make the below terms and conditions as easy to read and understand as possible. We talk all clients through our terms before starting work on any project. If there is anything below that you would like clarified then please get in touch.

How do you charge for development?

  • 1. Deposit to be paid prior to work commencing: Before we can schedule work on a project we request the deposit – 50% of the quoted price – is paid first. Please note that deposits are non refundable.
  • 2. Milestone invoices to be settled for development to continue: For larger projects, there may be several invoices payable during development. These are normally in the form of a deposit followed by one or more milestone payments. Each milestone invoice will be sent at pre-agreed times during development and will need to be paid for work to continue. Please note that milestone payments are non refundable.
  • 3. Domain name registration is not included in our packages: The service of domain name registration (ie buying the right to use www.yoursite.co.uk) is not included in our website packages. We are happy to help you to purchase the right name with our recommended company, 123-reg, but this cost is payable separately to the website package. Prices for domain names range from about £7 to £25 per year, depending on the domain name extension (.com, .co.uk, .org etc).
  • 4. Client requested additions that are not listed in our package are chargeable by the hour:  We are happy to take requests for additions to your website that are not part of our package specification. The cost of any extra work will be estimated or quoted in advance for you to approve before we continue work. All such additions will be priced and billed at our hourly rate.
  • 5. Additional work estimates (not set quotes) may come in above or below the amount stated on the final invoice: Where possible we will try to give you a set price for any requested additional work. However, there are many situations where we cannot say for certain how long additional work will take. Examples are when we are requested to train staff or asked to integrate third party software that clients bring to the project. In such cases we will give you our best estimate of the work and let you know if we think it’s likely to go beyond that as work progresses. All such estimated additional work is timed using timing software and presented clearly on the final invoice.


What is your normal schedule for development?

  • 6. Our off-the-shelf website packages are normally completed within 45 days from when the deposit is paid: After your deposit has been paid we will give you a development schedule which will normally start within 2 weeks. From the start day we will create a 45 day window in our schedule to complete your website’s first draft. During this period we require terms 6.1 and 6.2 below to be adhered to:
    • 6.1. Required resources to be supplied by the client for development to continue: During development most projects will require input and content from the client (for example page text, images, logo, address, slogans etc). At the start of each project we will discuss what we will need from you and email this as a clear list. All such resources must be submitted as promptly as possible but no later than 10 days from the start of development. Due to other commitments in our schedule, if resources are not provided on time, your project will be delayed and become billable in full 30 days after the start of development.
    • 6.2. Client feedback to be provided within 15 days of first demonstration: After we have finished the first version of your site we will email you a link to see it online. We welcome clients feeding back and requesting changes to this demonstration version. We must, however, insist that feedback is provided within a 15 day period from the time we email you the first draft. There is then a further 15 days to allow for us to make changes and launch your site. Due to other commitments in our schedule, if no feedback is provided within 15 days, we assume you are happy and your project and will invoice for the remaining amount. You will still have 15 further days to feedback any changes and copy.

What do I need to do?

  • 7. You will need to provide any required resources in the below format: Most projects will require some resources to be provided by the client, eg photos, logo, text, business address etc. In order to stick to our development schedule we really need all such resources to be provided in an easy to use way. This includes:
    • Website pages and page structure: The plan of pages to be contained in your site should be provided in a single bullet point list. If your site contains subpages (eg about us->our history) then this should be represented in the bullet point list by using indented bullets. We can happily provide you an example to follow.
    • Page Text: All website page text to be provided in a single document. The document should be in as simple a format as possible, clearly showing each page title (about, home etc) followed by the text. Any references to images, links etc should be made in notes outside of the copy itself. We often don’t read the actual copy so notes to us, hidden in the text, will likely end up on your live website!
    • Images: To be provided in dimensions suitable to your project. We will explain clearly what these are at the time. We ideally like all images to be attached, or posted on cd, in a single zipped folder. If you are unsure how to do this then we ask that you email all images as attachments in a single day – not spread out in dribs and drabs over several days or weeks.
    • Logos and graphics: All graphics must be provided in separate files in the highest quality formats you have. Please provide only files in an image format (.psd, .png, .eps, .jpg, etc) not embedded into Word or similar documents. We will let you know if any files that are too small or of too poor a quality to use.

Does my website include email?

  • 8. By default we do not set up, or support, email as part of website development packages or our hosting service: Having email go through website hosting is insecure and is not a service we offer. We do offer the following as an alternative:
    • Google Apps based emails: This is a professional and secure email services widely used by business and individuals. It costs £90 + vat for setup then £30+vat per email address. It is a package that also includes many professional business resources such as a calender and secure storage – more info available here >>
    • Redirects to any address: This is a free service that will forward emails sent to something@yourwebsite.co.uk to your regular email address. It should be noted that the reply address will be that of your original email not your website.

DialaGeek Websites is the web development arm of DialaGeek Ltd a company registered in England and Wales company number 07550944  VAT Registration Number: GB 110 5614 64