Once your website has been launched we are available to make further amendments whenever you require. We try to make our terms and conditions as easy to understand as possible but if there is anything you would like clarified then please get in touch.

What is website support and maintenance, and do I need it?

We class support and maintenance slightly differently. Support is simply when you request a change or addition to improve your website. This can be at any time – or indeed never – depending on your needs. Maintenance – to use a motoring parallel, is a website MOT and should be scheduled to happen at regular intervals – usually once a year.

What maintenance arrangement do you offer and how much does it cost?

  • 1. To avoid being hacked you need to keep your website software (WordPress + plugins) up to date. Like any good website software, WordPress frequently release new versions to add new features and ensure it remains secure. It is highly recommended that your website is upgraded to the latest version at least once a year. We supply this service in two ways:

    • 1.1 If your website is hosted with us then we offer a free annual upgrade of WordPress when your hosting is renewed. This involves fully backing up your website and upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. We allow up to a further hour as part of this service to deal with any issues that have come from the upgrade – most commonly if a plugin needs changing as it is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If there are any issues that take longer to fix then we will get in touch with options and costs.
    • 1.2 If your website is not hosted with us then we offer the above upgrade for £60 + vat. As above this only covers the time to fully backup and upgrade your site, plus a further hour of work. If you have any issues that need further attention we will let you know.

What support arrangement do you offer and how much does it cost?

  • 2. If you would like us to make any ongoing changes to your website then we charge in one of two ways, depending on the request:
    • 2.1 By the hour at £45 + vat with a minimum charge of 20 minutes – £15+vat.
    • 2.2 By quoting for the work you have requested.

Please note that by default we charge by the hour unless a quote has been requested.

Do you charge for all support – however minor?

  • 3. We do not charge for the following support:
    • 3.1 Bug fixes on your site for 30 days post launch – this is your window to check and report any issues.
    • 3.2 Discretionary minor tweaks to your site post launch – this is a subjective call but we try to be reasonable. As per our development terms and conditions (6.2) we welcome feedback and are happy to make changes to your demo website prior to launch. Post launch, however, we can generally only make free amendments if they are quick and requested within a reasonable time post launch.
    • 3.3 Getting in touch with questions, advice etc.

Who can make changes to my website?

  • 4. After your site has been launched you are not tied into a formal website support arrangement with us. You are free to:
    • 4.1 Maintain your own website – either through the content manager or by directly changing your core files (normally via ftp)
    • 4.2 Source a third party to make changes on your behalf
    • 4.3 Or use Dial a Geek Websites under these Website Support Terms and Conditions

How long does it take for the work to be done?

  • 5. During office hours we aim to acknowledge any request withing 24hours. When we can actually do the work depends on the size and priority of your job
    • 5.1  For obviously urgent jobs – eg if your website is down – we will try our best to deal with it within 24 hours of the working week. If this is not possible we will get back to you with options
    • 5.2 For non urgent jobs we simply put your work into the next available slot on our schedule. Lead time for completion can vary a lot so we can only tell you on request.