• Our websites can be built on our hosting or another hosting company of your choice. If you would like us to provide hosting then the first year is free. We then charge £120 +vat per year but this also includes an upgrade of your website.
  • The ‘Upgrade’ feature includes an annual maintenance check of your website to ensure the site is bug free and properly secure. We do routine checks and ensure that all of the software powering your website is up to date and behaving properly.

Hosting Explained:
People often get ‘Hosting’ and ‘Domain Name’ confused. Your Host is an actual computer which is used to store the data from your website on. (i.e If you upload a photograph to your website, the actual file will be stored on your Host.) It is good to think of Hosting as the rental of a computer used to store your website files and data.

The ‘Domain Name’ is the address used to access your ‘Host’ – eg www.zedswonderland.co.uk

Hosting Terms & Conditions:

Please be aware that Dial a Geek Websites does not directly provide hosting. We set up our clients with a separate company called TSO Host who we have an bulk hosting account with. The annual hosting fee we charge our clients covers:

  • The set up of your hosting
  • The cost of hosting itself
  • The labour for managing any issues on your behalf
  • An annual WordPress upgrade

As we don’t directly control the hosting service, full terms and conditions can be found on our suppliers website and not our own – please click here to view: https://www.tsohost.com/terms-and-conditions. We have tried our utmost to source the most stable provided in the market but we are unable to take liability for any downtime or hosting related loss of data. We  do, however, investigate and try to resolve any issues without charge.